What is influencer marketing?

In a nutshell, influencer marketing is the modern take on word-of-mouth marketing, utilizing social media to increase brand awareness and generate more customers. Influencer marketing pushes traditional boundaries making it the most relevant and refreshing type of marketing today. HOW??? U ask. Marketers traditionally have sponsored famous people that align with their brand for the sole purpose of increasing awareness of the brand and to improve the perception of the brand. This is because people look-up to, admire and trust some celebrities, in turn aspiring to be like them. Influencer marketing, however, is much more (1) cost effective, (2) target market concentrated and (3) ultimately a more focused and engaging strategy. Influencer marketing uses people who have generated an audience on social media and can employ influence over their audience to ultimately have sway over their follower’s purchasing decisions. Almost like a celebrity, but better. These influencers each specialise in a particular niche and hence have a very concentrated and engaged following. This allows brands to develop a very specific and targeted marketing campaign, designed to cut through the noise and reach potential customers through the trustworthy and highly persuasive voice of an influencer. Customers are more clever and savvier than ever before. They are tuning out traditional ads and will always engage in some kind of ‘asking around’ or research before making a purchasing decision. Customers don’t trust ads but they do trust their family and friends (both offline and online on social media) regarding brands and product recommendations. This is what makes influencer marketing so powerful.