Examples of successful micro-influencer marketing


Sperry is a shoe brand that conducted an influencer marketing campaign with the help of micro-influencers. These are influencers who do not currently hold a large number of followers, but are highly effective, if not more, as they have a more focused niche and hold more engagement with their audience. Sperry encouraged influencers to showcase their shoes in an aesthetic visual for their Instagram.

Here are some photos courtesy glean.info and hubspot:

MINI Australia

MINI Australia, in partnership with Vogue Australia ran an influencer marketing campaign leveraging micro-influencers to build awareness of the MINI convertible. The influencers created content revolving around the features of the car and their overall experience using the car. The campaign achieved over 8000 modes of engagement from viewers from a mere 14 posts on Instagram, reaching a remarkable 147,000 consumers.

Here are some photos courtesy scrunch:

Banana Republic

Banana Republic is a clothing brand who utilised micro-influencers who hold a fashion and lifestyle niche to make content modelling its array of clothing. They implement a hashtag specific to the campaign such as #BRHoliday and #BRMakeItMatter

Here is an example courtesy Mediakix:


Audible is an Amazon company that provides a plethora of audiobooks. In order to drive awareness, Audible approached a number of macro and micro influencers on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram in order to encourage viewers to sign up to monthly memberships. As noted by Mediakix, the campaign has an ever-growing reach, which is currently at over 83 million.

Here is an example of micro influencer content, courtesy glean.info: